SoftBums Cloth DIapers
Once upon a time, in the land of cloth diapering, there was a great diapering secret that somehow remained elusive to many parents: the overnight technique.

Finding what will work for your particular baby in his particular sleeping arrangement can be tricky, to say the least. And there will likely be many wet sheets before a solution is found. (Which, for a co-sleeping mama like me is a rather unpleasant situation.)

Well, friends, I have found an answer that doesn’t require the proverbial nighttime disposable. SoftBums diapers have been keeping my bed dry and I am thrilled by how easy the system is to use. 

SoftBums has two different shells: the Echo, which is part of a
two-part system comprised of shells (the colorful cover) and pods (the
absorbent inserts that snap into the shells) and the Omni, which can
work exactly like the Echo, can be stuffed with the pods so that you
have an all-in-two diaper, or can be used as a cover with a prefold for
another overnight possibility (though I have yet to try it).

A feature I really love about these diapers is how easy they are
to adjust. They’re a one-size-fits-all dipe, which normally can drive
me a little bit batty with so many snaps to figure out, but the
incredibly easy Slide2Size system involves just a couple of tiny hidden toggles
and elastics. It also means the diaper doesn’t end
up being too bulky in its smaller sizes.

I’ve tried a variety of pod combinations and all of them have
had the same dry results in the morning. But I have to say, I’m
particularly fond of the softness of the organic bamboo pods, since I’m
partial to using natural fibers against baby bums whenever I can.

It’s worth noting, too, that if you’re going to use SoftBums as a
daytime system, it’s possible to use the same shell a number of times,
provided it’s not soiled. You’d just rotate between two covers, snapping
pods in and out and allowing shells to air-dry between uses.

As for me, I’m putting these diapers into my permanent nighttime
rotation and waking up every morning to a dry bed and a very smiley
baby beside me.

Now that’s a bedtime story with a very happy ending. –Stephanie

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