Maclaren Denim Twin Triumph double strollerI’m something of a stroller hoarder. We have gone through no less than ten strollers between my two sons–which is actually par for the course in New York, where our strollers are our cars. One of my faves is still the Maclaren Denim Quest which I reviewed some months back. Seems I wasn’t alone in my love for that stylish stroller; due to popular demand, Maclaren just introduced the Denim Twin Triumph Stroller, allowing even moms of twins to have another fashionable option.

There’s a whole lot to love about the new Maclaren
Denim Twin Triumph Stroller
, other than its comely looks. First, it’s
made of ultra-durable denim–believe me, I’ve put my single to the test!
It’s also a speedy buggy, unlike a lot of other doubles out there. Another
awesome feature is that rather than being built on the Quest frame,
like the single was, this one is built on the Triumph chassis, meaning
it can be used from birth.

This stroller may be sleek, but it
can pull some serious weight–110 pounds to be exact. That means you can
push your little ones around in it for a long time; almost until they
are old enough to start paying for their own designer jeans. Ha. -Melissa

Find the Maclaren
Denim Twin Triumph Stroller
or find the Maclaren Quest Denim single at shops like magic beans.