Learn Spanish with El Perro y El Gato
Garfield and Odie, Ren and Stimpy, Sylvester and Hector–cartoon teams of cats and dogs have been used to teach kids a wide variety of lessons for decades. (Sometimes just how to beat each other up.) But now, the creative minds at HBO family are bringing us two new characters in a series of bilingual specials I know pre-schoolers will love. 

In El Perro y El Gato, an energetic chihuahua and a perpetually
hungry, very laid-back kitty are best friends who weave through a series
of comical situations all the while teaching phrases in English and
Spanish to your little ones. It’s bright and silly, and does a great job
in making a short language lesson fun and entertaining.  My family has
been watching these for a while now and we’re hooked. Plus, I personally find them to be a
useful Spanish language refresher for myself.

Grab the 4 El Perro y El Gato DVDs that just came out so you can get in on the fun. I mean, on the highly educational learning experience. ¡Qué estupendo! –Stephanie M

See clips of El Perro y El Gato and browse the new El
Perro y El Gato DVDs
and more (like maybe the first
season of Boardwalk Empire) at hbo.com.

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