Green to Grow
As a glass-is-half-full kind of person, I am thrilled to read that the FDA has (finally) agreed to ban the use of BPA in all baby bottles and spill-proof cups.

OK, sure, Europe, Canada and China, along with a handful of U.S. states, have already made this move. And I know that the words BPA-free have already been on just about every baby bottle and sippy cup label for the past couple of years. But I’ll give the FDA credit for issuing the ban, even if it seems to be coming a little late and really doesn’t go far enough.

{photo: Green to Grow, BPA-free bottle}

Because though BPA is now banned from bottles and sippy cups, it can still be used in packaging, cans and even dishes that could presumably hold food from which our babies (and we) eat.

We hope that the FDA will continue to look into the negative health effects of Bisphenol A and push this ban to include more and more items that come into contact with food. Because if it’s dangerous for kids to suck on a baby bottle nipple containing BPA, maybe we shouldn’t find it in our food chain at all. –Christina

Read more about the FDA’s ban of BPA at the Bureau of National Affairs website.


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