Bouncy seat
As much as my 5 month old would love for me to hold him 24/7, it’s just not humanly possible. For the times I need to put him down, I think there’s nothing better than a well-designed bouncy chair to keep baby upright while giving him a good view of the action. And that’s it. In other words, no bells, no whistles, no motion-activated animal sounds, no batteries–shockingly old school, right?

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I’m thrilled to have found the chic and simple Vida
Bouncer from
, which does nothing more than bounce. It’s a far cry from
our first bouncer which was equipped with flashing lights, obnoxious
colors and annoying sounds–something I thought as a new mom was
necessary but now and fairly convinced overstimulated him. (It also
probably explains his love of Yo Gabba Gabba).

On the contrary, Vida is a modern, clean and simple bouncer with no
frills. What I also love about Vida is that it’s super lightweight,
making it really easy to take from one room to the other while you have a
squirmy baby in your arms. It comes in three decor-friendly colors, and
the scarlet one matches my grown-up chairs perfectly; no stashing it in
the other room when company comes.

I’ll leave that for the neon bright Exersaucer and wildlife activity
mats. -Melissa

The Vida Bouncer is $50 on

Congratulations to Laura M!  Her baby (and she) will be well rested, thanks to the Vida Bouncer she won from Maclaren.

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