Find babysitters at MommyMixerA good babysitter is hard to find. I’ve been way picky about who gets the, er, privilege of watching our active preschooler and toddler. This has kind of backfired–the only guaranteed babysitters we now have are grandparents. And, since the kids officially destroyed my in-law’s house last week (don’t worry, the grandparents loved it), I’d still love to give them a break with a qualified pinch-hitter.

So, question: where do crazy-busy mamas start to find this magical babysitter? Answer: MommyMixer.

The site began as a way to facilitate parent and
potential caregiver meet-and-greets in more than 50 cities around the
country–you know, speed-dating for sitters. But MommyMixer
has just launched a new site feature that lets you search the
very-detailed listings of qualified babysitters online as well. You can see what
other moms have to say and add your own opinion (once you actually meet the
sitter) in the ratings. 
It’s $30 to join
MommyMixer and start your sitter search, and–coolly–a portion of mom’s
payment and the sitter’s fee are donated to The
Miracle Foundation
. It always feels good to help lots of kids while
helping your own. -Lexi