Din Din Smart!Forget the plastic–we’ve found a shiny little metal school bus that’s ready to rock the five food groups– and keep them separated, too.

The Din Din Smart
Stainless Steel Bus Platter
is non-toxic, lead-free, and it’s
heavy-duty, too; we haven’t had a single dent or a dot of rust in
several weeks of constant use. Although putting it in the microwave
would result in electrifying, Back to the Future-ish escapades, it works
just fine in the dishwasher. And my kids love it so much that I kind of
wish I had gotten two at once (which you can actually do to
save a few bucks
, by the way).
If you’re
having trouble serving food to tiny people in a way that won’t be banned
by the FDA next week, we’re feeling pretty good about recommending bus-shaped stainless steel.~Delilah
the Din Din Smart Platter
at innobaby.