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For NYC locals looking for some validation, a good laugh and a short break, we’re got a great excuse to get a sitter–or employ the significant other to give you a night with friends this week. We’ve been seeing more and more talented parents who have taken their own personal experiences and turned them into plays, comedy performances, and engaging performances that are so worth putting on the impractical shoes and getting out for the night.

Here, three upcoming shows we’re excited about.

Mommies won’t want to miss Motherhood Out Loud. We have been trying to get over to this show since it launched earlier this month and luckily we have through October 29th because people are raving about it. An impressive collection of writers and actors bring 19 sweet, authentic and laugh-out-loud stories to the stage. Probably a good one to see with some mama pals.

Doug Moe is a Bad Dad is a one-man comedy show, written and performed by hilarious Upright Citizen Brigade performer, Doug Moe. The piece revolves around Doug’s certainty that he is screwing up his 5 year old daughter for life (aren’t we all?), his complex feelings about Dr. Seuss and how he finds Cinderella just way too sexy. Although I’m surprised, because most guys go for Ariel. Catch his show at The UCB Theatre at 8pm this Wed, October 26, or one of his two final shows in November. Tickets are just $5. And you’ll have total indie cred seeing a show at UCB.

playtime nyc
Whether or not the show you want to see is about family life, you still have to sort yours out to get there. Let us introduce you to Playtime at PlayWrights Horizons. This wonderful, long-standing New York theater group offers a very excellent schedule of performances only now, they also provide childcare! At a very reasonable cost ($15 and under per child) the Playtime NYC
program is run by “artisitters”, groups of working artists who will teach your kids songs, dances and more while you get your culture on. Sounds like a perfect playdate plan for theater buffs.

Don’t miss out on these NYC exclusive happenings- Motherhood and Doug close this week so make your plans now! Maybe I’ll see you out there… if I can get a sitter. –Stephanie M


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