Lucy Loves This Alphanimal print
I feel like I fall in love with a new alphabet print every week. But when there are prints in the world as gorgeous as the Alphanimal Prints from Lucy Loves This, well, my infatuation is pretty easy to understand.

I love that each letter of the alphabet is represented by an animal–or several–beginning with that letter. Kind of makes the print into a
bit of a game for an older child. And I adore the monochromatic look of
the blue and pink versions. But fear not, rainbow-lovers, for there’s a
glorious multicolored
version for you, too.

While you’re browsing the shop, don’t miss the delightful American
typographical map. I think
it would be so lovely in a kitchen. Might even inspire a meal or two.
Chili Con Carne, anyone?

As a Canadian, I’ll admit to hoping for a Canadian version. Then
again, it might get a little boring to see “maple syrup,” “back bacon,”
and “beer” a thousand times over. –Stephanie


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