table topics
If you’re not familiar with TableTopics, it’s such a fabulous little secret weapon to have around the house for those holiday weekends in which the throngs of relatives descend upon you. I mean, uh, honor you with their presence.

Each box is filled with 135 little cards, each one printed with a
question that helps start conversation. (Don’t worry; it’s not Truth or
Dare.) The Family
Gathering Edition
is perfect for this time of year, when different
generations come together. Questions include what are the
foods you remember from your childhood?
Or have you ever met
anyone famous?
I could totally imagine my Uncle Howard breaking out
his story about crashing the Fashion Cafe in the 90’s and finding himself dancing with
Naomi Campbell.

You also might consider the Grandparent
which helps jar the memories of your family’s matriarchs and
patriarchs so their stories make it to the next generation.

It’s so much better than sitting around the TV all day on Thanksgiving.
Although, I do recognize that not every family has my Uncle Howard in it. –Liz

Find TableTopics from their website, a
local boutique near you, or online from our affiliate Amazon


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