wawabots custom water bottle
Just when you thought that metal water bottles had reached the apex of coolness, we’ve found the coolest designs around.


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Wawabots allows you to fully customize your own water bottle. One picture, several pictures, your picture as part of an adorable design. You can even put in your kids’ artwork or hand prints or add their names to the stainless steel, BPA free bottles. And they have special designs for mom, dad, and the grandparents, just in time for holidays.

I designed two Wawabots and really put them through their paces to make sure they were as sturdy as you expect them to be. And they are. After a week and some dishwashing, there’s nary a dent; and while the image will suffer a few scratches, it’s a lot less than I had anticipated.

True story: We brought home the wrong Threadless bunny rabbit water bottle from the playground last August, and my son drank some super-hot, nastified apple juice that smelled like that liquor they make in prison toilets. He was so grossed out he won’t touch that bottle any more. But the Wawabot with his picture on it? He’s gulping water like a marathon runner. For me, that’s pretty magical.~Delilah
Design your own stainless steel water bottle at Wawabots. Use code coolmom35off for 35% off your purchase and free shipping!

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