colorblock roller skates
With the 70s coming back hard everywhere from music to fashion (hello, Ella Moss) to Broadway revivals, I am not surprised at all to see the most fabulous pair of old school roller skates, front and center at Fred Flare.

The colorblock
roller skates
by Keith Skates are so hot, they’re already flying
off the virtual shelves in preorder mode. You have to love the fashioned
fabulousness of the white bootie style roller skate–no inline wheels,
no splashy athletic shoe logo, no thermoformed X-rib pattern. Just
awesome colored wheels, long white laces, and a heaping dose of irony that goes perfectly with Donna Summer.

Hot stuff indeed.   –Liz

Preorder the colorblock

roller skates at Fred Flare now for an 11/12 ship date

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