Make and Takes for Kids by Marie LeBaron
Back before I had kids, I was actually pretty crafty. But add four bundles of joy and I’m struggling to think of something to make for dinner, let alone what to do with empty egg cartons.

Well, thanks to this new book from one of our fave craft bloggers, Marie LeBaron, I can whip up seasonal activities in a matter of minutes, most of which don’t require me to spend a ton of money at the craft store.

I’m already a huge fan of Marie LeBaron’s lovely blog Make and Takes
so I’m not surprised that her new book Make and Takes for Kids: 50
Crafts Throughout the Year
has become a rainy day or really any day
staple around our place. The sweet seasonal crafts, most of which don’t
require more than a few supplies that you probably already have in your
cabinets, are super simple — meaning my 7-year-old can actually do them
on her own, and better, even help my littler ones do them too.

You’ll find everything from painted pet rocks to doll umbrellas (out of
coffee filters and pipe cleaners!) to cute little edibles, all laid out
with easy-to-follow instructions and bright photos. Now, if you’re a bit
of a Martha Stewart, you might find these to be a little too easy for
you, but for the rest of us, it’s a handy reference.

If I have one minor challenge, it’s that I wish the pages and cover were made from a little heartier paper
stock. Only because I’m sure we’ll be using it a lot and I’m hoping it will stand the test of time. And a whole lot of finger paints. -Kristen

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