OMega Body Buff gentle exfoliator
I love exfoliators, but I rarely buy them. Why? I hate digging my fingers into goop and then watching half of it ooze down the shower grate. But with the cold weather here and the radiators blasting, I’m happy to have found a yummy scrub that sidesteps the bad stuff, to leave you feeling lean, clean, and totally buff.

Our friends at Mama Mio have put a stake in the heart of dry skin with OMega Body Buff Exfoliator. Squeeze some into your hand while the water heats up and rub it into your skin from neck to toes– before you ever step into the shower stall. They say you can use it on your face, but I am leery of putting rich oils and micro-ground pumice on my sensitive skin.

Below the face, though? Mama Mio, so lovely!

Step into the shower and rinse it off, and you’re left with soft, lightly scented skin with a delightful sheen. It’s not greasy, it’s not gloppy, and it doesn’t leave little scratches behind like salt scrubs do. I imagine it would be phenomenal before self-tanning. And you don’t have to put on lotion either, which means no Five Minutes of Goosebumps.

I must mention that although OMega Body Buff has lots of high quality ingredients and skips out on the big no-nos like parabens, sulfates, and pthlates, I do wish it were a little more natural. And some folks might find the scent a little strong–I considered it a bit much at first, but after rinsing off, the remaining scent was appealing. Still, if you’re looking to keep your skin buff and luscious this winter, OMega Body Buff is a nice indulgence. ~Delilah
Find OMega Body Buff at the Mama Mio website or through our affiliate, Amazon.

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