A looong time ago when I had this idea for Cool Mom Picks, I reached out to a few of my blogging friends for help, one of whom was my co-Publisher and Editor in Chief Liz Gumbinner, who I only knew then as the blogger Mom 101. Taken by her amazing ability to string words together and create, well, magic that was both funny and heartfelt, I knew I needed her on my team. Lucky for me, she asked if I wanted a partner, and we’ve been working together ever since.

So, when I heard today that her blog Mom 101 had been chosen as Parents Magazine’s Best All Around Mom Blog by their esteemed editors, I was beyond thrilled. Because it was her writing there that allowed me to bring her here. And without Liz, there is just no Cool Mom Picks.

If you’re wondering who tirelessly assigns and edits features, and brings the design and style that you know and love at Cool Mom Picks, well, that’s our Editor-in-Chief Liz, who aside from everything she does here works another full-time job and parents her two beautiful daughters. And she so greatly deserves this amazing honor. Of course, we’re a little biased. But it’s nice to know that other people, like Parents Magazine, feel the same exact way. Kudos, Liz. We love you!

-Kristen and the Cool Mom Picks team

And if you’re wondering why there are grammatical mistakes and possible spelling errors, it’s because Liz didn’t edit this post. Heh.