Livie and Luca Ten Brown boys' shoes
Every time I go shoe shopping for my son I feel like I’m swimming in a sea of flashing sneakers. Then I remember to check one of my favorite kids’ shoes purveyors Livie and Luca and voila, I find cool shoes that won’t double as a night light.

The Ten Browns
are a fabulous loafer and sport shoe combination, which makes it super
versatile for your active boys who need something they can run around in
at the playground but still wear for school or even more special
occasions. And the soft leather and padded soles work well for bigger
feet and growing ones too.

Best of all, I’m a big fan of the numbers (7 on the right, 3 on the
left), not just because the asymmetry is cool, but because it will put an end to the whole “Is this on
the right foot, mom?” discussion we have every morning -Kristen

You can purchase the Ten Brown shoes at Livie and Luca


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