Hanukkah card games from Emily SperLet’s face it people, good Hanukkah items are hard to come by. Fortunately Emily Sper, creator of those clever Hanukkah activity books is back and I’m especially pleased to find a fresh pick from her for 5772.

Emily’ new collection of Hanukkah card games will be
a fun way to educate the kids about the details behind the Hanukkah
story outside of Sunday school. The set comes with 3 decks of
beautifully illustrated playing cards themed around the holiday and intended
for classic games like Rumy, Go Fish and Crazy 8s. Also included in the
card designs are language lessons on counting, colors and more holiday
related vocab.

For those parents like myself who might be a little
rusty on the backstory, fear not, as the author-illustrator also includes
a little Hanukkah handbook of the most important elements to give you a
quick refresher.

Break out the applesauce and the chocolate coins. I’m ready. –Stephanie M

Visit Emily Sper’s
to pick from her full selection of Hanukkah
themed games
and books.