The Lucky Cake by Anna Prokos
I love teaching my children about different cultures and how to appreciate the beauty of family traditions. This lesson is most important around the holidays. There is a Christmas tree on every corner, sometimes with a Hanukkah menorah making its presence known. Kwanzaa is being taught in many school children nationwide.

But it’s the lesser known holidays that seem to get lost in the shuffle. One perfect example is a Greek tradition on New Year’s Day that I honestly never heard of.

Thankfully, The Lucky Cake to the rescue!

illustrations are so fun. They remind me of the simplicity of Charles
Shultz with a hipster flair. The story is sweet and engaging. My kids
were a bit worried that hiding an object in a cake might lead to lesson
on the Heimlich, but that could just be their anxieties getting the best
of them.
Overall, I am searching high and low
for any Greek relatives in my decidedly Eastern European background.
I’ll let you know when they turn up. Otherwise, I may be coming to your
house for some Vasilopita. – Eva
The Lucky Cake is available at our affiliate,

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