All around the Ikea bookshelf

The bibliophile chased the bookend
The bookend stepped on a Kindle plug
POP! goes the balloon dog!

Not really, though. That’s why these Balloon Dog Bookends by IMM Living from the SFMOMA store are so special– they can’t pop. What they can do is hold up books with style and color.

In a new twist (ha!) on kids’ bookends, the airy, ephemeral but unpoppable balloon dog is cast in resin with enough weight to keep those pesky books on the shelf. They’re available in orange and purple and measure in at about the size of a Chihuahua, but a lot less yappy.
Whether you’ve got a circus room, a whimsical kid (or adult!), or just a reader on your holiday list who’d love something fun to go with all those book gifts, this is one wrapped gift that will totally stump the recipient. They’ll shake the heavy box and wonder… is it a giraffe? A mouse? A sword? ~Delilah

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