Cool kids' sunglasses
Kid (and baby) sunglasses are usually one of those things that are terribly cute in theory but not always so great in practice. They’re often slippy, stomped, and broken within, like, minutes.

So these new sunglasses for kids are worth their weight in sunscreen.

If you’re looking for a cool little gift before some family travel to
warmer climes this season, definitely check out the new Scream
by Eyes Cream Shades. They’re everything you
want kids’ sunglasses to be: they stay on (without that wraparound head
strap thing that so many kid glasses have), their lenses are polycarbonate
(scratches and smooshes are kept to a minimum), and they provide 100%
UVA/UVB protection. Plus, come with their own case and they’re brightly
colored and edgy in a cool-kid sort of way.

No cartoon characters, hooray! –Lexi

totally adorable (and completely durable) Scream
from Eyes Cream Shades.

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