Personalized self-inking address stampsOkay, Cool Mom Picks is a safe space where I feel like I can admit this freely: I’m starting to panic a little. The gift-purchasing isn’t going as planned. I keep seeing all these amazingly fabulous personalized gifts–that I should have purchased two weeks ago.

Here’s one shop that can still help you out.

Rock Paper Scissors offers a huge variety of personalized items. A lot of the designs are a little…cute. But if you poke around, there’s such a huge selection you may find something you love. One thing we could all use this season– the personalized self-inking stamps which are a great way to save time scribbling return addresses on all those holiday cards and thank you notes.

What’s especially cool as a gift are the personalized photo stamps which make for a fabulous “from the library of..” book stamp, complete with a photo of your kid, or his own illustration. Maybe his own illustration of a book?

The best part is, it’s not tooo late to order. Place your order for the photo stamps by December 12, and most of the rest of the personalized gifts by December 18, and Rock Paper Scissors will
deliver them by December 25. 
For this
always-hoping-to-be-reformed procrastinator, that’s like a
procrastinator’s dream come true. -Lexi

a last-minute personalized gift including personalized
photo stamps
? Check out Rock Paper Scissors