Vs Mittens
I sometimes feel like my son’s mittens are at war with me. I’m either always searching for one or trying to battle against my son’s hands to put them on. Finally, an adorable pair of mittens that appreciate the hand to hand combat we moms have to face every winter.

The new handmade Vs Mittens Juniors
are a genius way to get your kid to actually look forward to wearing
mittens. Each pair comes with one animal predator…and one prey. You can
choose from dog vs cat, frog vs fly or bird vs bee.

My personal fave is
the frog vs fly–there’s something kind of spooky-cool about the fly’s
pink eyes.

Each pair of rivals is handmade with a comfy
wool/acrylic blend. I love the idea of my three-year-old son
entertaining himself with a game of war between his two
hands–especially while on line at the grocery store or in the car. But
so far, he’d much rather take them off when I’m not looking. Maybe if I
bought a pair of the adult mittens for
myself, he’d be more willing to keep his on. And then we could have some
serious predator vs. prey fun.


Mittens Juniors
are $24.99 on vsmittens.com. One size fits
most, ages 4-7.

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