printable 2012 calendarsOne of the cool things about ordering printable calendars from Etsy artists, is (besides the whole money saving thing and the whole support an indie artist thing) that you can discover cool things from all over the world. In this case, these adorable printable calendars are straight outta Hong Kong.

The printable
2012 animal calendar
from Etsy seller Loopz is ridiculously
adorable. I could imagine hanging it right in a nursery, because uh, we
new moms tend to forget what day it is. And I think the kiddos will
adore looking forward to a cute new critter each month. Especially that
panda in June.

And hey, if they’ve outgrown animals, check out
the other selections including the (seriously, seriously) cute superhero
and even some pretty prints that would be nice for your
own office space. Hey, even we not-so-new moms tend to forget what day
it is. –Liz

Order the printable

2012 calendars from LoopzArt and
get a PDF for $8; or order it ready printed for $14. And look around the
shop for other adorable paper goods, from nursery art to flash cards.

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