Brave Irene children's audiobook, narrated by Meryl StreepI love reading books out loud. They really make the stories come alive in a fun and vibrant way. But I’ll admit I’m no Meryl Streep. Know who is a Meryl Streep? Meryl Streep. And now she’s narrating one of my favorite children’s stories from one of my favorite authors in a terrific book/audio book set.

Brave Irene by William Steig (of Sylvester and the Magic
and Shrek fame) features a seriously strong broad
with major willpower. That’s kind of how I see Meryl Streep too, so her voice on the
companion CD that pairs with the book is a match made in bibliophile

While the book is great on its own, it’s fun to point to the words
in the book as the most Academy Award-winning actress gives moms and dads a
much needed vocal break at the end of the day. I enjoy following along
as much as my brood. Plus, should I need to, I can sip tea and zone off
without being told “Mooooom! Keep reading!”

If you’re not familiar with the story, it really brings out the message of love and courage
in a beautiful way. Irene is determined to bring her seamstress mother’s
beautiful ball gown to the duchess. The wind and blizzard give Irene
trouble, but she keeps on keeping on. Granted the twenty-first century
version would have Irene wearing a GPS tracker, or at least a traveling
companion, but still -Eva
Brave Irene on Book and CD is available at our
affiliate, Amazon