Convertible stroller blanket from 7 A.M. Enfant
After a very generous stretch of unseasonably mild weather in New York, the freezing cold is here (sigh). Rather than pretend I live in LA, I have to take winter seriously this year since I have a new-ish baby to keep warm. Thankfully I found a new stroller blanket from 7 A.M. Enfant that feels like the coziest puffer coat and can still be used when it finally does get warmer again.

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strollers are the main mode of transport for us city moms, I make sure
whatever is attached to buggy is not only
functional but looks good, too. Last winter I bundled my older son in the Blanket
212 Evolution
from the stroller blanket geniuses over at 7 A.M.
But their latest launch, the Baby Shield, not only
wraps my 8-month-old up in warmness, it also comes with an additional
lightweight cover so I can use it into spring as well as in the fall.

This is definitely a high end stroller blanket, made especially for those of us who will want to use it all year long. What really makes the Baby Shield different (besides 3 gorgeous colors) is its
adaptability. It comes with two zippered covers–one for very cold
weather and one for those days when it’s not freezing but you still need
a jacket.

The faux down filled covers attach super easily to all
strollers and car seats. What’s also cool about the Baby Shield is that you can use
the covers alone, just as blankets. I love the drawstring that makes
the blanket extra snuggly. And while I love the idea of the hood, I
found that all it did was capsize on my little guy, covering his face.

My favorite thing is that
I can dress my baby in less layers and just rely on the warmth of the
blanket. As most moms know, less layers means less of a chance that you
have to deal with fussy fits. Always a good thing.  -Melissa

new Baby Shield stroller blanket
can be found in boutiques near you, or online at

Congratulations to Megan N!  She and her baby will be looking extra-cool in this cool weather with their new 7 A.M Enfant Baby Shield. 

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