OiOi diaper bag
I can’t say that I mourn the fact that my diaper bag carrying days are over. But really, it’s the diapers I’m glad to be over with, not the bags. Especially when they’re as awesome as this one.

When I got a first glimpse of this OiOi hobo sack in silver, the word oooohhhhh may have escaped my lips. Last season I loved their jungle leather slouch bag,
but now I’m liking this one to get me through the dreary days of
winter, into spring, and possibly summer. Silver is pretty awesome with
white, after all.

It’s made so that the beautiful leather
exterior betrays the rugged, made-for-spills nylon interior, and the
accessories inside like a change mat, wipes case, and insulated bottle

Hm. Maybe I’ll just get the bag for myself and give those diaper accessories away. –Liz

Find the OiOi hobo sack online at Arte Bebe

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