Smally Hoodmuff
Not every baby wants to jet about town covered in a glorified sleeping bag. Some may feel the need to be a little more stylish than that. For those baby hipsters, we’ve got just the solution for chilly days.

Behold the Smally Hoodmuff.

love this thing. Not only is it certifiably adorable–I mean come on,
it looks like a comfy hoodie sweatshirt–it’s also ridiculously easy to
use. We’ve had no trouble attaching it to our stroller seat and zipping
baby in. And though it’s obviously not intended for frigid  winter days,
I like it as an extra layer to the regular winter gear. Sometimes the
bulk of other stroller bags can get overwhelming and I like how this one
is warm, yet manageable.

Also adorable. Did I mention adorable? –Stephanie

Hipster babies, get your own Smally Hoodmuff stroller blanket at Smally Inc. ASAP so you can say you had one before it was cool.  

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