Custom reusable travel coffee cups
I’ve always loved coffee, but it took becoming a mother to truly appreciate the wonder that is take-out coffee. Yes, the coffee is more expensive than if I made it myself, but my daily latte is an indulgence I allow myself for a few minutes of peace.

However, there is one thing about my little coffee habit that’s been bothering me: All those paper cups can’t be good for the planet. In fact 500 billion disposable cups are made every year. So I’ve been looking for the perfect reusable cup.

Enter KeepCup: barista-approved, thoughtfully-designed, BPA-free, reusable coffee cups. Pick your colors, pick your size, and make it your own.

took one to my local Starbucks and the barista was able to use it just
like the standard paper cups. This meant that the foam was as heady as
it should be, and he didn’t have to adjust his workflow to make with my
order. In fact, you can even highlight your usual order on the band. 

Why mess with a good thing, you know? — Roxanna

Create your own reusable coffee cups at KeepCup

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