Betsey Johnson cupcakesJust in time for fashion week, one of our favorite local cupcake bakeries is getting all dolled up for the occasion from one of our favorite designers and we couldn’t be more excited. Seems like pink cupcakes are the new black.

New York’s Baked by Melissa
mini cupcakes has teamed up with fashion designer Betsey Johnson for a
New York Fashion Week confection oozing with fabulousness. The mini
pink-a-licious Betsey Johnson cupcakes,
made with pink tye-dye cake, pink vanilla icing, pink popping (think
Pop Rocks) chocolate and glitter (of course!), are a fashionista’s dream
come true.

Johnson sent a tray of the mini pink delights to
editors (not us, sniff) along with her fashion show invitation. But
don’t worry, you can get a piece of the pink action, too. Baked by
Melissa will ship to anywhere in the U.S. But hurry, the bite-sized
Betseys will only be available during fashion week. -Melissa

Betsey Johnson cupcakes are available February 9-16, visit Baked by Melissa
or email for more information.