Origami wallpaper from Dottir and Sonur
When I was a little girl, my dad would create the most beautiful origami creatures for my brothers and I. Of course they only lasted a few hours before we demolished them with one good move. I’m sure my dad really appreciated our care and concern for them.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I first discovered design studio Dottir & Sonur, because now you can decorate with these modern and cool shapes–without worrying about them being pummeled.

Dottir & Sonur
have created a product line that is whimsical and colorful, leaving
lots of room for the imagination. I’m in love. If you are digging the
look of the origami and need more of it, decorate with their wallpaper,
which will be available in March. 

Origami pillows

If you want to just accessorize with it, add one of the two origami pillows.  

Origami poster

I am really liking the idea of placing the origami poster near a workspace for some much needed color and graphic to help inspire. –Kirsten Grove, our newest cool mom contributor. Welcome Kirsten!

Purchase these and other yummy products at Dottir & Sonur. Prices are in Euros and ship from Europe.

[h/t Bloesem]

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