You Are My Cupcake kids' board book
After seeing Joyce Wan’s board book, We Belong Together I am so in love with her. So of course I had to check out You Are My Cupcake, in the same series. Let’s just say it’s absolutely delicious and I want to eat it up in a major way.

Each page pops with vibrant colors and sweet illustrations that are
textured, giving babies a sensory experience. All of the terms of
endearment are covered here–starting with “cupcake”–but with a twist.
We call our babe a “sweet pea,” but in Wan’s world, she’s a “mushy
little sweet pea.” Your cutie pie is “oven baked” and your little peanut
is “honey roasted.” I’m getting hungry just writing this post.

I tested the book out on a group of parents and their babies and
every single one (adult and child) wanted to take a bite out of the
book. Good thing it’s a board book so it can hold up to some serious drool. –Eva
You Are My Cupcake is available at your local independent bookstore, or our affiliate,  Amazon.

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