Cool Mom Picks on Martha Stewart!Our editor Liz Gumbinner practically skipped out of the 26th Street studios after her taping of the Martha Stewart Show this week. (Okay, she did skip, according to some reports. Just a little.)

Please catch Liz on Martha’s big baby shower episode, airing this Friday, February 17! Set your alarms (or DVRs) for Friday at 10AM on the Hallmark Channel or again at 1PM if you miss it. We’ll post a link when we’ve got it.

Don’t worry– Liz won’t be making a cake shaped like a diaper from scratch, or hand-varnishing a crib. But she and Martha are hosting a fashion show of the 7 cutest little babies you’ve ever seen, in some of Cool Mom Picks’ favorite indie brands. 

This episode is packed with fun picks and tips for cool parents, including amazing gear recos from our friend Jaime, The Baby Guy. Plus Liz will be making a big announcement. (Having nothing to do with her ovaries.)

And the question you’re all wanting to know: Yes, Martha is wonderful and kind and gracious in person, as is every single person who works there. It’s like Fantasyland. Only in Chelsea. 

-Team CMP