Teether blankie
My 10 month old is teething. That means he’s chomping on virtually everything in our house. (Kind of gross when he chooses the wheels of the stroller.) I found a cool new blankie with attached teething toys, so I’m hopeful he’ll start gnawing on more appropriate things.

The Teether Blankie from Petites Frites
has four awesome teething toys attached to its corners. The teethers,
which include a maple wooden ring, two pima cotton hand crochet shapes
and a stuffed cotton gingham star, are secured to the blanket safely.
Though truthfully, they’re too big to be choking hazards in the first place.

The blankie itself is a
yummy-soft two-layer creation made in Petites Frites’ signature fabric,
which is a custom-designed cotton blend knit. It would be lovely if my
little guy developed an affection for the blanket. He certainly likes
playing with it and finds the rings and crochet toys fun to touch. Now
if only he’d get my slipper out of his mouth.  –Melissa

The Teether Blankies are $35 on Petites Frites

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