Farm to Baby NYC
First baby food moved out of the jar and into the freezer. Then it went organic. (And organic some more.) Then, gourmet.

Now, we’ve discovered a new service that puts it all together, offering delicious, fresh foods for baby made with ingredients like hubbard squash and quince straight from the farm–and delivering it right to your door.

Farm to Baby NYC is a new subscription-based baby food delivery service in New York City, and we can’t wait for it to expand.

farm to baby nyc

They use locally grown produce, picked just days before being gently
cooked in their kitchen, to deliver fresh foods packaged in reusable glass
jars. You can choose between two weekly subscription options: a full
share provides eight 10-ounce jars per week for $99 or you can do a half
share for $55. So it’s not as cheap as making your own, but it’s an
amazing option for busy NYC parents who are short on time, and willing to pay for the convenience.

And I really love that you can learn about the farms where baby’s food comes from, on their site.

I’m thrilled for families in New York City and also in Austin where we found a similar baby food delivery service, Whirled Peas. But here’s to hoping that this farm fresh approach to baby food catches on nationwide. –Stacie

If you’re in NYC learn more about the fresh baby food delivery service online at Farm to Baby NYC.
Starting March 2 they will service Brooklyn neighborhoods including
Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and South Brooklyn on April 1st. Manhattan is
soon to follow.

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