Design-your-own girls' custom leggings from Polkadot What
When dressing my daughter, I am constantly looking for unique clothing.  Something that the entire pre-school isn’t wearing. 

It can be a hard task, especially when living in middle America, where large department stores are our best friends.  But here’s a company that can make your daughter’s look totally her own, wherever you live.

When I first saw these leggings from Polkadot What,
I squealed with delight. They created this line so that
your little girl can create what she wants. For example, girls can mix
the triangle and hollow circle shape to create “The Confident and
Creative You” leggings. Or, they can mix the star with the filled
circle shape to create “The Superstar and Happy You’ leggings. Your
little girl can play designer and create the look that is perfect for
her and her personality. 

Custom girls' leggings at Polkadot What - hearts and circles

Girls' leggings at Polkadot What


Girls' leggings at Polkadot What

Not only are they absolutely adorable but
also very well priced and still well-made. Plus  Polkadot
What has teamed up to donate $1 from each purchase to The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization
that provides daily meals to impoverished children in South Africa. 

I have a feeling that eventually my daughter will have quite the collection of Polkadot What leggings.- Kirsten

Shop all of these lovely customizable
girls’ leggings at Polkadot What.

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