Chevrons AND an owl. This WallFry print is doubly trendarrific!

Chevron stripes have been one of the hottest design trends and far less polarizing than the moustache. Chevrons are literally on every available surface, and I’m still in no mood to give them up–they just make everything look so fun and fresh.

Whatever you call them, chevron or zig zags, these stripes are here to stay. Here are my favorite ways to see them on kids.

Chevron patterned party favor bags
It’s birthday party season at my house, so I’ve had my eye on these little bitty party favor bags by Whisker Graphics — the bold colorful zigzags make them perfect for parties.
Chevron elephant onesie
This simple handmade onesie by 3 Marthas has a delicate elephant appliqué that pops thanks to the power of zig zags. 
WallFry chevron nursery prints
Chevrons also make great wall art. WallFry
offers 5 adorable nursery prints adapted from the original acrylic on
canvas paintings. You even get to choose the colors and animal. I’m
partial to the owl (pictured at very top) which happens to put two popular trends together.

Chevron barrettes by nattybratty

I love the simple crispness of these handmade barrettes by nattybratty on Etsy. In fact, I love them so much I might see if she can make a pair in an adult size for me.
Girls' dresses in Indian fabric from Ode Kids

We discovered Ode Kids last year, and fell in love with their traditional Indian fabrics made into modern styles, like this girls’ chevron dress which is durable and holds up beautifully. This year, they’re offering a new red Ikat dress that will brighten up her wardrobe considerably. 

Chevron storage baskets
Baskets are a clever way to add chevrons to a room — you get both a pop of cheery color and a place to stash toys. (h/t Swiss Miss)
Friendship bracelet tutorial

Of course the most classic way to wear chevrons–besides a Charlie
Brown shirt–is with a friendship bracelet. Brings you back, doesn’t it?
The Purl Bee has instructions on how to make your very own, if you need a refresher. And all it takes is some embroidery floss. –Roxanna