handmade baby quilts deer + hippo
When I think of quilts, modern isn’t the word that jumps to mind. Cozy and comforting? Yes. Hip and fresh? Not really. 

So when I came across the quilts made by Etsy seller Deer and Hippo I
was delighted and more than a little surprised by just how at home
they would be in the most modern of nurseries. They’re just the thing to
add a bit of warmth to baby’s room.

Zebra baby quilt from Deer and Hippo
Each quilt is a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece meant to be
loved and used for many years, just like a traditional quilt. But unlike
a traditional quilt, these will also please parents with more modern
design sensibilities.

My current favorite is the Little Zebra quilt and psst–ignore the labels like “quilts for boys” or quilts for girls;” plenty of them are wonderfully gender neutral. And if you don’t see exactly the colors you want, you can place a custom order at Deer and Hippo for a truly personalized heirloom. – Roxanna

Find handmade baby quilts online from Deer and Hippo

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