I discovered Emergen-C after my first Bikram yoga class, and I remember thinking that it was the most brilliant idea ever. It made water actually taste good, and it was healthy, too.

Now they’ve got a special line for kids, and Purple Drink has a whole new meaning.

Emergen-C Kidz is exactly what it sounds like: Emergen-C formulated just for kids. With three fun flavors and no artificial colors or flavorings, we’ve been using it as another line of defense against the colds and flu marinating in my kids’ school classrooms.

With 250mg of vitamin C and a host of B vitamins, calcium, and minerals, it’s like a chewable vitamin that also guarantees they’re gulping water. Plus, it’s fizzy! Which can be a good thing if your kids like fizzy.

We tried Fruit Punch and Orange, and both flavors were well-received, by which I mean they beg for it every night. The packet is designed to mix with 4 to 6 ounces of water, so I usually split one packet between two plastic kid cups. And, yes, when I drink it, I use a smaller glass for myself, and I find it a little more flavorful than the grown-up version of Emergen-C. Adding 5g of sugar will do that. 
I also like that my kids don’t look at the Emergen-C Kidz box the way they salivate dreamily over chewable vitamins. They seem to think the jar of regular vitamins is a secret cache of candy that they’ll one day get to dive into, which terrifies me.
I know what you want to know: Does it work to prevent colds? Well, we can’t say. But I can tell you that my entire family drinks it, and that it’s fizzy. We like fizzy.~Delilah

Find Emergen-C Kidz and get free samples at the Emergen-C website. You can also get a good deal on our affiliate, Amazon.

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