Hand-washing is big in our house, especially after that last bout of stomach flu, which has cured my son forever of licking the bathroom floor at Michael’s. (I kid. Mostly.) It’s easy to take something as simple as a bar of soap for granted, considering there’s an opportunity to wash off dirt and germs at every public and personal sink around our suburb. But not everyone is so lucky, and we’ve found a company dedicated to changing the world through soap.

And you know what? It’s really nice soap, too. Organic and everything!

SoapBox Soaps is the brainchild of two former Boy Scouts from Illinois who decided to combine their soapmaking skills and internet savvy to create a new kind of international aid.

For each bar of soap sold, one full bar of soap is donated to a child in need. In developing countries or areas where hygiene is an issue, an act as simple as hand-washing with soap can save lives. Fortunately, it’s the kind of soap you would want to buy for yourself anyway–85% certified organic, with no synthetics or yucky chemicals. In fact, the only ingredients are oils and plants, all of them carefully chosen and blended for a rich, moisturizing bar that’s an all-around pleasure to use. My favorite scent is Lemongrass, followed by the exfoliating Orange Clove. The Lavender is nice, too, but not as strongly scented, so it might be the best bet if you like your soap on the quiet side.

With all three bars open in my bathroom, it almost smells like a fancy spa in there.

The price is reasonable for high quality, organic soaps, with a 3-bar pack at $17.97 and around $5 for two to three-day shipping. But knowing that your purchase has sent three bars of soap on to kids who needed them? That, my friends, is priceless.~Delilah

SoapBox Soaps are available online through their website. Just FYI, no matter which soaps you buy, their donated soaps are of a different, special formulation that’s extra gentle for a variety of washer-uppers.

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