Funktion wipes case
Sippy cup: check. Snacks: check. Wipes: darn tootin’. This is my leaving the house with a toddler checklist, and they come even before my own sunglasses and lip gloss. If wipes are still one of your must-haves when you head out, then, this nifty new carrying case for them can’t hurt.

This adorable and bright wipes case by Funktion is both handy and cute. This bag comes from Mommassentials,
a new line of mom and baby goods designed to fit a not so frilly family
lifestyle. As a woman drowning in princess accoutrements, I am

We road tested the convenient case over a busy city
weekend where there was wiping a plenty and were quite happy. The soft
case molds nicely into your bag of choice and has a refillable inside
cover to keep everything clean, while keeping your wipes from drying out. Added bonus?
Funktion practices good business. The company has various efforts in
place to give back proceeds both locally and internationally.  –Stephanie M
The Funktion wipes case is available for $29 along with the full line of Mommassentials including changing pads, paci purses and more at

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