Just when I thought that our Easter bunny might be relegated to stuffing our Easter eggs with jelly beans and Peeps alone, I was somewhat saved from the impending sugar high this coming weekend thanks to our friends at Tattly and their adorable new limited time Easter collection.

Their new Tattly Egg Carton includes a dozen plastic eggs each stuffed with a Tattly tattoo design–one of six different hip rabbits, all of which are way cooler than any bunnies I’ve ever seen. So perfect for stuffing in Easter baskets or hiding around the house. You can also order individual Easter tattoo sets, hold the eggs, or individual designs, say you fall in love with the nerdy bunny.

The Egg Carton Tattly Tattoos

If you’ve never worn a Tattly, they are waaaaaay better than your typical, run-of-the-mill temporary tattoos, coming off easily without leaving those dreaded red marks. Besides, they’re realistic; let’s just say you might
scare Grandma right out of her Easter bonnet when she sees one on your kids’ arm.

You can buy the Easter temporary tattoos at Tattly.com for a limited time. After that, order individual tattoos or gift packs. There are tons!


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