We love the new elegance in nurseries, and we especially love when beautiful design goes hand in hand with comfort and eco-consciousness.

And we really, really love when peacocks are involved.

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Baby Bazaar is a breath of fresh air in nursery textiles, and not only because the artisan-made quilts and blankets are handmade of 100% cotton with azo-free dyes. The refreshingly vibrant quilts have an Indian flair that perfectly marries adult sensibility with cozy softness. Let me put it this way: if this peacock quilt were queen-sized, my editors would have to come to my house and pry it out of my fingers.


You’ll find a variety of child-friendly, brightly colored quilts with beautifully stylized peacocks or tigers that are just the right weight and deliciously fluffy. The matching muslin blankets are light as a feather and luxuriously silky, perfect for travel or the diaper bag. The colors and materials invite touching, and the quality is lovely. The only caveat here, besides the fact that the prices reflect the quality, is that dry cleaning is recommended. Cold wash, gentle cycle is the second choice, which you might opt for; we all know how often a workhorse baby blanket needs to be washed.

So that should tell you a little bit about how very pretty and pettable these baby blankets are, not to mention how very much I love peacocks and tigers. Me, wanting to steal all the nursery blankets and curl up for a nap? How bazaar.~Delilah 

Find exotic quilted cotton blankets and muslin blankets at Baby Bazaar.

Congratulations to Sharon B!  Her little one will be cute and cozy in her new Yellow Peacock Quilted Cotton Blanket and Yellow Peacock Muslin Blanket from Baby Bazaar.

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