When a child loses the first tooth, it’s one of the greatest “becoming a big kid” moments we parents get to witness. I love how special that very first one is. So when things get wiggly, it’s fun to get prepared with something like a cool tooth fairy pillow.

Sparkle Power has created these adorable Tooth Fairy pillows that will add to the tooth celebration.

This pillow measures 6 x 6 inches with a small blue pocket on the front, which is the perfect size for holding a lost tooth and the money that the tooth fairy wishes to leave in exchange for the
tooth. I especially love how unisex this is–no glitter, no pink, no actual fairies.

Tooth Fairy pillow from Sparkle Power

One other thing I love is that Sparkle Power was started by husband and wife team, Dylan and Candace Todd.  They started their shop merely as a side project to make a little extra money while Dylan finished school for graphic design. Now, four years later, they have made a successful name for themselves on Etsy.  And they’re still making adorable things for our kids.

Shop this Tooth Fairy pillow and much more at Sparkle Power.


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