Modern art baby mobiles
I still remember what it was like picking out the perfect mobile for my children’s nurseries. I wanted something modern and chic but that still felt whimsical and child-like. I also wanted something unique and original that every other nursery on my street did not have.

Marco Mahler, a sculptor specializing in modern art mobiles and hanging kinetic art commissions,
has created 32 airy mobile creations that seem like they are
floating in space.  Some are
colorful and bold while others are more simple and elegant. Marco uses a variety of
materials including acrylic glass, foam and metal.


Modern art mobiles by Marco Mahler


Modern art mobiles by Marco Mahler

These art mobiles are priced a little higher than mass-produced baby mobiles of course, but they can transition easily
from a nursery to a playroom or even a modern adult room. If only these were
available when I was in the market for a new mobile. – Kirsten

Shop these modern mobiles online from Marco Mahler

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