Jekca build-your-own kids' furnitureWhen designing a kid’s bedroom, it’s always important to find functional yet fun pieces to fill their space. Kids are attracted to color and texture; my son’s own favorite chair was the most colorful yet ugly thing that you’ve have ever laid eyes on.

(I hid it when guests came over.)

however, has created a line of kids furniture that is colorful, modern,
whimsical and like nothing we’ve seen. Essentially they’re made from a series of blocks that can be
configured all different ways. The recommendation is for kids 8 and up,
but younger ones will love to put it together with you.

It’s like the playfulness and creativity of a toy mixed with actual functional furniture.

Check out the site for a variety of very cool chairs, table, stools and
bookshelves. Be aware that this is not cheap, disposable furniture and
the prices demonstrate that. However it is an eco-friendly company making a
really high quality product that’s meant to last. 

And the best
part? You can live with them too.- Kirsten

View these pieces at Jekca furniture and shop them at our affiliate Amazon.

Edited to add: The Jekca furniture online store is now open. Visit and purchase “combo packs” which will give your child the opportunity to build 3 different pieces with a single kit.