Fotoplay! photo art kids' coloring bookFrom the moment they could successfully maneuver a crayon, my kids have loved open-ended coloring books like Taro Gomi’s finish-the-picture Scribbles book. So, it’s no surprise that they adore a new rules-free coloring book with an interesting twist: Instead of finishing drawings, they are actually invited to draw around photos.

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Created by photographer and teacher M.J. Bronstein, Fotoplay! is a fun blend of realism and fantasy, with enough pages to keep even the most productive artists busy for many rainy days or on long summer road trips. Each one of the more than fifty oversized pages features an image taken from one of M.J. Bronstein’s photographs which are printed onto sturdy white card stock paper. 

I especially love her black-and-white animal photos of curious meerkats (color their outfits!) or wrinkly elephants (to whom is she talking?).

While I’m not normally a huge fan of spiral-bound books, it actually makes Fotoplay! so useable wherever we are. And the paper stock is thick enough that markers or water colors won’t bleed through to the back page.
I love that in one book, I can find the silly scribbles from my enthusiastic seven-year-old, alongside the thoughtful scenes created by my tween. I’d say Fotoplay! is a perfect gift for kids of any age–as long as they’re no longer eating crayons. Christina

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