Kids' gardening glovesI’m not the best gardener — my entire vegetable haul, from June to September probably equals little more than one large salad — but gardening really is good for the soul.

And, there are always gardening chores that even the smallest kiddos can do, even if it’s just pulling weeds or digging a hole. Smear on some sunscreen, pull on some gloves, and dig in!

The super cute, super durable children’s gardening gloves from Ethel Gloves might
just be the thing to lure your little ones into the fresh air in early
spring. Made with breathable stretch fabric plus a helpful grip, they’re
perfect for preschoolers (recommended age is 3-5).

I especially like the navy/green, totally unfloral “port royale” style.
Because it’s obviously not just girls who like to dig around in the
dirt.  –Barbara

Get your little gardener digging with children’s gardening gloves from Ethel Gloves