Hard working moms, we salute you! We’ve also got you covered with some of our tech top picks of the week, just in case you’ve been too busy dropping gift hints all week.

1. If the traditional Mother’s Day cards don’t seem to reflect your family, check out this free and beautiful collection of inclusive Mother’s Day e-cards.

2. If you’ve got photos stored on Kodak Gallery, you don’t want to miss this post on what to do with your photos on Kodakgallery.com, which was bought out by Shutterfly last week.
3. We’re wild about this handy, organization app that could completely revolutionize to-do list apps.

4. Here’s a free, fun app for kids to get your preschooler doodling. We’d love it even if it weren’t free.

5. Pretty iPad case / is made of soft drink bottles / still has lots of pop. (Click over and see why we’re writing in haiku.)

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