On most days, I don’t even know why I bother folding and putting the kids’ clothes away because the drawers just end up in complete shambles. Forget even trying to maintain any level of organization within a drawer, I’m lucky if the underwear doesn’t end up with the tees with the single socks.

That is, until I found these handy little stickers that have completely changed our lives. All for just $5.

Ever since I started using the I-Know-Where-It-Goes drawer stickers, I’ve had no issues with the kids getting themselves dressed and even better, putting their clothes back where they belong. Just carefully peel off the small, self-stick vinyl silhouettes (no residue, promise) and place them on the appropriate drawer. Since drawers do double duty in our house, I even used them to label the exact side where the items belong.

Graphic drawer stickers are genius for helping little kids put away their clothes
These picture labels are perfect for helping your toddlers and preschoolers who can’t yet read but can dress themselves remember which drawer holds the shorts and which has shirts. And labeled drawers make putting laundry away super easy, so easy in fact, that they’re doing it themselves now. Score!

You can order the I-Know-Where-It-Goes drawer stickers in a ton of colors for boys and girls from crafterhours