Lucky Diaz A Potluck
Since returning home from this year’s Kindiefest, I’ve been listening to loads of great kids’ music I can’t wait to share, like this brand-new release from one of our kindie favorites, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. Their latest collection of songs is a like a wonderful smorgasbord of treats for your family to love.

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Sandwiched between the spoken word pieces Morning and Night, A Potluck is filled with a meaty middle of catchy, pop-y tunes. Lucky Diaz’s voice is cool and mellow which I love best when it is contrasted against quick-tempo, hand-clapping songs like On My Bike and Lemonade Stand. And, oh I love how his voice goes all funky in Who Stole the Cookies which reminds me of his awesome Blue Bear from their debut EP.

I particularly love the inventiveness of the characters in the songs that rival the stories my kids make up. You’ll meet the potato-sack racing Squirrelly the Squirrel, the adventurous Monkey Jones, and the rocking Lil’ Red Rooster. And no matter what language you speak, the meow-meow-meow chorus of the spanish-language Tres Ratones is just good fun.
And unlike real life? At this potluck, everything is delicious.Christina

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Congratulations to Natasha L, winner of our Lucky Diaz giveaway!  She’ll be dancing with joy to the tunes on Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Ban’s A Potluck.

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